Agata Zienowicz

Agata Zienowicz

Why I Chose Guelph...

“The University of Guelph is large enough to accommodate a variety of opportunities for students (programs, classes, clubs, etc). Yet still small enough to provide a low student to faculty ratio. This makes it easy to interact directly with your professors and get individual attention whenever needed. ”

About My Advisor...

“I look up to my advisor as a well-educated but humble mentor. He has the ability to recognize my strengths as a student and shows me how to take advantage of these. He also gives me the freedom to explore new boundaries in my research. I believe these two qualities have allowed me to become a better researcher.”

About the City...

“The community is focused on green incentives and is flourishing on locally owned businesses. Musical events such as the Hillside Festival, the Jazz Festival, as well as endless smaller concerts are quickly making Guelph one of the top cities that recognize new talent. It is a great place to call home.”

University of Guelph
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