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Interested in expanding and refining your skills to support your graduate studies and enhance your future career? As part of the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills, the University of Guelph has contributed to developing several modules in this online series.  These modules, geared to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, will be launched in mid-September 2014.  More details will be available soon, but for now, these are the titles of the modules:

  • Academic & professional communication for new researchers 
  • Academic & research integrity
  • Foundations of community engagement
  • Foundations of community engaged scholarship
  • Intercultural competency
  • Mental health & well-being: skills for graduate students
  • Non-academic work search
  • The versatile graduate: exploring diverse career paths for PhDs
  • Converting a CV to a resume
  • Entrepreneurship & new venture creation
  • Intellectual property: an entrepreneur's guide
  • Research management
  • Mentoring: undergraduate students
  • Graduate student progress module
  • Teaching & learning
  • Teaching dossiers
  • Teaching online: basic skills for TAs
  • Teaching online: advanced skills for graduate students
  • Understanding & avoiding plagiarism
  • Entrepreneurship & new venture creation

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