Justine Tishinsky
Continuing at Guelph...
“My passion for research and positive graduate student experience led me to consider pursuing a PhD. At the University of Guelph, I can transfer into the PhD program after completing one year of my MSc. This allows me to continue exploring my area of research interest with an advisor whose support, encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in my academic progress.”

Guelph Undergraduate to Graduate

Many people believe that the best academic experience is one where a student gains exposure to a variety of faculty members, research methods, and universities. Others believe that students should stay within a community in which they are familiar because it will allow them to build continuous relationships, produce publications, and gain in-depth understanding of their research.

So who is right?

The answer is that it’s a personal decision. Sometimes it’s best to continue your studies at the same institution because that’s where the best research “fit” exists or because of your personal circumstances. In other cases, it makes sense to change institutions, to take advantage of different expertise or simply to experience a different educational environment. The choice is up to you; either approach is academically acceptable. Guelph’s strong reputation, commitment to research, outstanding community, and unique program options are some of the reasons students want to continue their studies here at Guelph.

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