Stacian Williams

Meet Our Students

Bimal Acharya Profile
Bimal Acharya
“After graduation I plan to work as University Professor.”
Alamgir Akhtar Khan Profile
Alamgir Akhtar Khan
“New entries particularly international students always need help understand systems installed in the laboratories. School of Engineering has fleet of competent and very cooperative technicians to rectify any problem to carry out the thriving research.”
Program: Engineering PhD
Area of Research:

Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil by using bioventing techniques

William Albabish Profile
William Albabish
“The University of Guelph offers a culture of its own, where researchers listen to their students and respect what they have to say. This was a common piece of information I read, heard and now have experienced.”
Jonathan Andrade Profile
Jonathan Andrade
“Being a graduate student at Guelph is a very good experience. The infrastructure, financing and facilities are first class. We have an environment of respect, which in turn makes your research work easier, more fun and less stressful.”
Andreia Arruda Profile
Andreia Arruda
“My advisor is very supportive of me attending courses outside the University. This has helped me not only to further my learning and has allowed me to network and collaborate with researchers from other Universities.”
Benjamin Authers Profile
Benjamin Authers
“I chose to come to Guelph because of the structure of the PhD program, which emphasizes academic innovation and professionalism, and for the opportunity to work with its faculty. My research, which considers legal and literary texts, incorporates ideas from both fields, and as I was looking for smaller graduate programs I was concerned to find one that was open to, and supportive of, interdisciplinary work. I’m happy to say that I’ve received the level of support I was hoping for, and far beyond.”
Area of Research:

Canadian Literature, Law and Literature

Stephanie Bach Profile
Stephanie Bach
“I like Guelph because it’s a city with the feel of a small town but the amenities of a big city. It’s beautiful in the summer with lots of green space, and close enough to Toronto for everything you need without the traffic congestion.”
Area of Research:

Plant Breeding & Genetics

Jessica Bannon Profile
Jessica Bannon
“My advisor has been tremendously supportive. Whether I’m seeking advice, problem solving, or ordering materials, he is easy to reach and always a great help. He encourages me to learn and thoroughly understand the details within my area of research, which gives me confidence that I will be very knowledgeable in my field of study by the time I graduate.”
Shawn Beaudette Profile
Shawn Beaudette
“Within our Human Health and Nutritional Sciences (HHNS) department we have the Human Anatomy Lab. This lab has assisted me in not only learning about human anatomy but also how to learn, how to teach, and most of all, what it is to be human.”
R. Thomas Beggs Profile
R. Thomas Beggs
“My supervisor is a senior faculty member with a lot of experience. He has helped me to see things in a different way, and I really appreciate the new perspective. ”
Alison Berezuk Profile
Alison Berezuk
“The Guelph campus combines the best of small town charm with the amenities of big city living. The campus community is small enough that you can get to know the people around you and navigate easily, but large enough to provide an exciting atmosphere with numerous top-notch facilities for both research and living.”
Micheal Bijman Profile
Micheal Bijman
“The University of Guelph had a small town feel which is something I am use to. That, in combination with the positive atmosphere and an impressive Human Health & Nutritional Sciences program ultimately helped me choose.”
Eric Birkenhauer Profile
Eric Birkenhauer
“Graduate courses are very informative while helping you to develop skills and understand other areas of research. Course schedules are flexible to the schedules of all students and in some cases include industry tours which give great insight into the real world applications of much of the research. ”
Program: Biophysics
Kate Bishop-Williams Profile
Kate Bishop-Williams
“It is great to be a graduate student at Guelph! I am involved with a number of clubs in addition to my academics and research. I am surrounded by students who are working hard and having a great time. The busy but welcoming atmosphere at Guelph makes working hard so much easier!”
Samantha Bruzzese Profile
Samantha Bruzzese
“As an MPH graduate student you spend a lot of time with your fellow classmates. Not only do you complete assignments and projects together, but you go to trivia nights, play dodgeball, and hold study parties. Life as a grad student isn’t all about the academics, it’s about the family you build for yourself away from home.”
Program: Public Health
Christian Carello Profile
Christian Carello
“I chose to attend the University of Guelph because of the my interest in the field of research the chemistry program offered. I also found the facilities give excellent opportunities to learn many new skills.”
Program: Chemistry MSc
Area of Research:

Inorganic Chemistry

Chandni Chandran Profile
Chandni Chandran
“Coming from a small city in India were people know each other I was not expecting the same in Guelph. But I was utterly wrong - here even strangers say hello to you. I love everything about Guelph, be it the parks, the walking trails, farmers market, the lake and above all the people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.”
Bryan Chao Profile
Bryan Chao
“I plan to work for a small private landscape architecture firm to continue more hands on experience and learning.”
Elena Christy Profile
Elena Christy
“The landscape architecture program at the University of Guelph provides studio space for both BLA and MLA students. The studio provides students space and equipment that are necessary to fulfill course requirements but also holds a fun, collaborative atmosphere to work through your designs and share idea's with others.”
Ted Cogan Profile
Ted  Cogan
“The broad array of expertise available in the Tri-University Program at the University of Guelph has provided me with the opportunity to study a topic at the intersection of a number of fields of historical research.”
Program: History
Denise Cooper Profile
Denise Cooper
“I have a great academic relationship with my advisor. We meet on a semi-regular basis, even though he’s very busy as the Chair of the Department of Plant Agriculture. He lets me explore my research on my own but is readily available to give feedback and suggestions.”
Josée Cousineau Profile
Josée Cousineau
“I love the faculty here at the university. The French department is a small and friendly group that is always more than happy to help you along your journey.”
Program: French MA
Rebecca Craven Profile
Rebecca Craven
“After graduation, I hope to apply the critical thinking, organizational, leadership, communication and presentation skills I have obtained through the successful completion of my Master's in a career with public services or education. ”
Program: French Studies
Ruyan Dai Profile
Ruyan Dai
“I like the library at the University of Guelph. It is very quiet and spacious which makes it an ideal place to study. Graduate students also have access to private study carrels and study rooms. ”
Kat Daly Profile
Kat Daly
“I am very lucky to be working with Olga Sutherland and John Beeton . As a MRP student, she has been open and interested in my area of research and highly supportive throughout the process. ”
Ernest Damalie Profile
Ernest Damalie
“I love the structured services available to the student body and the effective administrative operations in the departments.”
Program: Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics, MSc.
Dref De Moura Profile
Dref  De Moura
“Unlike traditional departments, the Biophysics program offered at the University of Guelph through the Biophysics Interdepartmental Group (BIG) is unique in that it is interdisciplinary, borne from the composition of faculty members from the many different departments at the University. I chose to study at the University of Guelph because it would afford me the chance to learn from all of the highly respected and research driven faculty members that make up BIG and gain insight into my research from a multifaceted perspective.”
Program: Biophysics, MSc.
Claudia De Stefano Profile
Claudia De Stefano
“Guelph is a vibrant city that has so much to offer. Its diverse range of restaurants and cultural activities, its picturesque downtown scene, its beautiful trails and natural settings, and the charge of student life, are only some of its best features. It is a city that shows commitment to community and creativity. ”
Program: European Studies
Kayla Deasley Profile
Kayla Deasley
“I have always wanted to study at the University of Guelph, but I went elsewhere for my undergrad. I love the campus and city. It was really exciting when I read about the Integrative Biology program at Guelph and was accepted to graduate studies here.”
Ashley DePaola Profile
Ashley DePaola
“My advisor is always very supportive. From the very beginning, my advisor has been extremely knowledgeable, has challenged and encouraged me to think critically. With such a great wealth of knowledge, my advisor has helped me construct a feasible research question that will guide my thesis work.”
Mary Anne Dick Profile
Mary Anne Dick
“The University of Guelph’s campus is gorgeous, especially in the summer. The old buildings and ample green space give the campus a quaint, historic charm.”
Program: Food Science PhD
Area of Research:

Food Policy

Maria Dombrowsky Profile
Maria Dombrowsky
“The people, from administrative personnel to my advisors and my lab, have made my graduate experience wonderful. The University is very diverse and has a lot to offer but at the same time it has the closeness of a small community with a lot of good people to help you along the way .”
Area of Research:

Sustainable Growing Substrates for Ornamental Greenhouse Production.

Tarek El Salti Profile
Tarek El Salti
“I believe my advisor is: a professor, a guide, and most importantly a friend.”
Area of Research:

Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks

Nicole Fahner Profile
Nicole Fahner
“The funding I receive from my department covers both my tuition and my living expenses. This is very important to me because it means I can attend graduate studies, gain valuable experience, skills, and training without going into debt.”
Tammy Fichman Profile
Tammy Fichman
“Graduate students have a lot of autonomy, support and encouragement from faculty and admin to pursue our interests. Since we are a small department, it’s easy to spend time with professors and develop an in-depth research experience. I enjoy being a TA and relating to students to help them grow as people. It’s nice to be on the “other side”; a lot of big-picture perspective is gained here.”
Jordan Filion Profile
Jordan Filion
“Even though Guelph is a city, it still has a small-town atmosphere and offers a strong sense of community. Having lived here as a student for the past five and a half years, I am still discovering all of the great things this city has to offer!”
Adam Finlayson Profile
Adam Finlayson
“Guelph is a progressive city that thrives on innovative ideas.”
Program: Planning, MSc.
Scott Frendo-Cumbo Profile
Scott Frendo-Cumbo
“The graduate student environment is structured with a community feel. Students in my department are very friendly, but are also focused and determined to succeed in research. This creates an environment that promotes forming social relationships, while encouraging working hard.”
Chelsey Gerrard Profile
Chelsey Gerrard
“My classes range in size from 5-15 students and as a result I have found my professors to be very passionate about their research and will gladly share their knowledge with students.”
Shiona Glass-Kaastra Profile
Shiona Glass-Kaastra
“I have a great relationship with my advisor, and I strongly believe that a good relationship with your advisor is vital for success in graduate school. Being comfortable enough to tell them if you’re having difficulties is extremely important, and I am happy to say that I have found that with my advisor. We communicate on a regular basis in formal meetings regarding ideas or problems surrounding my project, and about day to day happenings over lunch!”
Area of Research:

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in clinical pathogens of livestock

Scott Greenhalgh Profile
Scott Greenhalgh
“I have a great relationship with my academic advisor. I receive assistance whenever I need help as well as steady encouragement to participate in academia and “the real world”.”
Area of Research:


Jessica Haddad Profile
Jessica Haddad
“Some of the major draws to Guelph, in my opinion, are the people and the strong sense of community. Anywhere you go, people are very forthcoming and there is always a great deal of opportunities to get involved in community service and volunteering. It is difficult to describe unless you experience it for yourself but Guelph is unlike any other city I’ve been in. It is full of great places and attractions, plenty of things to do, tons of great people to meet and always lots to learn.”
Area of Research:

Health Promotion, Functional Food & Nutraceutical Regulations.

Andrew Harris Profile
Andrew Harris
“I chose to study at the University of Guelph because the Department of Physics is highly active in research, with many dedicated faculty members who love what they do. The campus is beautiful. A short walk past east hall and you can enjoy the Arboretum, which is home to many species of trees, both domestic and international.”
Program: Biophysics, MSc.
Mychal-Ann Hayhoe Profile
Mychal-Ann Hayhoe
“Figure out what motivates you, what you’re passionate about and what will drive you now and in the future. Start talking and engaging with people around campus. Go out of your way to get involved. It will pay off! The University of Guelph is full of passionate and interesting people and your attempts to connect with them can create opportunities you wouldn’t expect.”
Program: Management
Jennifer Herpers Profile
Jennifer Herpers
“I chose to continue to study at the University of Guelph because of the support and guidance I received from my advisor during my undergraduate degree. ”
Dorelle Hinton Profile
Dorelle Hinton
“For the first year of my degree, I received funding through my supervisor and the College of Biological Sciences. This funding allowed me to focus completely on my research without the stress of figuring out where I was going to get the funds for tuition, rent, and other life costs. I believe that this funding was an integral part of my success within my first year.”
Sally Huynh Profile
Sally Huynh
“Guelph is a beautiful and vibrant city with lots to offer. The people are friendly and sociable, and there is great sense of community. Guelph offers plenty of activities to partake in such as canoeing and rock climbing, and there are many parks and trails to explore.”
Nafeesa Jalal Profile
Nafeesa Jalal
“I choose to attend the University of Guelph for a Master’s degree because it was the only University’s that offered the program I wanted to pursue. I stayed at the University of Guelph for a PhD because Guelph provides graduate students with a unique and enriching experience.”
Gaayathiri Jegatheeswaran Profile
Gaayathiri Jegatheeswaran
“Guelph is full of wonderful people who greet you with a friendly smile. The city itself is also very beautiful-- breathtaking sights of nature and life make this city vibrant and unique. This very environment also encourages an active lifestyle that allows you to enjoy life in Guelph. There are numerous bike/nature trails as well as rivers that make the landscape of this wonderful city.”
Area of Research:


Mark Kaethler Profile
Mark Kaethler
“My department not only offered me a competitive funding package but has provided me with travel funding for multiple conferences. The faculty have also facilitated useful SSHRC and OGS workshops for those of us applying for external government funding.”
Area of Research:

Early Modern Drama

Evgenia Karakehyova Profile
Evgenia Karakehyova
“Being a graduate student is busy and challenging, but also very rewarding. Thanks to the small cohort sizes and the availability of various resources to help along the way, graduate student life can be enjoyable”
Charlie Keown-Stoneman Profile
Charlie Keown-Stoneman
“After graduation I plan on working in the area of medical statistics. ”
Monika Kulak Profile
Monika Kulak
“I am interested in the interrelations between organic chemistry and nanoscience. The University of Guelph’s department of chemistry is a unique place to explore these subjects because of the available facilities and expertise in both fields.”
Program: Chemistry, MSc.
Christopher Kuusela Profile
Christopher Kuusela
“Guelph is an amazing city to live in. The bus system is very school oriented for students and makes getting to and from school very easy. There are a lot of activities do in the city, and a lot of recreation for everyone to partake in. The farmers market offers delicious product from all food categories, and there are a lot of beautiful trails to walk or bike.”
Area of Research:

Game Theory, Dynamics of Human Behaviour

Kendra Labrosse Profile
Kendra Labrosse
“As a graduate student at Guelph I am offered with terrific opportunities to learn from faculty that are very focused on the success of their students.”
Area of Research:

Planting practices for healthy trees

Nathan Lachowsky Profile
Nathan Lachowsky
“When walking around campus, you’re guaranteed to bump into people you know. The food and hospitality services on campus are unparalleled and make late nights studying or doing research much more comfortable. The arboretum is a great place to go on a picnic, for a run, or cross-country skiing!”
Alexander Lazier Profile
Alexander Lazier
“I would tell them that the curriculum at the University of Guelph, combined with the well-structured campus and city all work together to make the greatest possible academic experience. The quality of life that we have as students at Guelph is very high due to the easily accessible campus and stores in walking distance of the university.”
Jeremy Levick Profile
Jeremy Levick
“I completed my undergrad at the University of Guelph and I liked the campus and the department. I also liked my supervisor and research group, so I was happy to continue.”
Kwan Yu Li Profile
Kwan Yu Li
“There are so many opportunities to have fun in Guelph and the faculty and staff are more than willing to help out in any situation. I had a specific interest in my advisor’s research, particularly working within a multicultural context and she was more than willing to accommodate. I would definitely recommend Guelph and specifically our department for anyone interested in graduate studies!”
Area of Research:

Community Nutrition

Xinjie Lin Profile
Xinjie Lin
“My advisor’s research is in both Food Science and Nutritional Science. Combining these area’s of research was exactly what I was looking for.”
Matthew Mak Profile
Matthew Mak
“The course based Master’s allowed for a lot of flexibility. The program structure provides a unique experience allowing me to take courses that interested me while at the same time conducting research. This has made learning enjoyable and personalized. ”
Carlos Maldaner Profile
Carlos Maldaner
“I lived in large city in Brazil, Sao Paulo (~20 million people), so to be in Guelph is a good opportunity to live in a small city, where I can find all services that I need and where I do not loose time commuting on traffic jams.”
Program: Engineering, PhD
Area of Research:

Water Resources Management - Groundwater

Genevieve Marcotte: Project Manager, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Profile
Genevieve Marcotte: Project Manager, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
“The MA (Leadership) program appealed to me because of the skills students have the opportunity to acquire, which are very developmentally rich and are certain to enhance employment potential.”
Program: MA (Leadership)
Mila Maric Profile
Mila Maric
“My advisor has made my transition from undergraduate to graduate school one of the best experiences. He is easy to talk to and is always willing to give advice and guidance. I am very grateful to have him as my advisor.”
David Marom Profile
David Marom
“My advisor is very supportive. She always listens carefully to my ideas and together we discuss my project’s progress while deciding next steps. She constantly drives me through to my success.”
Andrew Marshall Profile
Andrew Marshall
“I was given an opportunity to advance my studies in agriculture and environment and seized the opportunity.”
Area of Research:

Soil Science, below ground nitrogen transfer between legumes and companion plants mediated through a mycorrhizal pathway.

Mauricio Martinez Profile
Mauricio Martinez
“I chose to study at Guelph because of the flexible and supportive atmosphere of a small graduate program with the faculty backgrounds of a leading research institution.”
Area of Research:

Early Modern Drama

Adrienne McLean Profile
Adrienne McLean
“I intend to become gainfully employed as either a consultant or a biologist working for a government agency before I consider continuing my education to obtain a PhD. ”
Justin F. McManus Profile
Justin F.  McManus
“My advisor, Dr. Karen Gough (Finlay), is incredibly supportive; I am able to approach her with any opportunity or difficulty, knowing that she will provide the time to listen and offer experienced advice that enables me to make informed decisions. ”
Mohammad Melebari Profile
Mohammad Melebari
“I feel so lucky to be one of Dr. Warriner's students. He is a kind and helpful person and we have a great relationship. He is always supportive and gives me great advice. Our relationship makes the lab environment very easy.”
Program: Food Science MSc
Area of Research:

Food Microbiology

Beth Milliard: Constable-York Regional Police Profile
Beth Milliard: Constable-York Regional Police
“The role of a police officer has dramatically changed over the past few decades. As a result, we are expected to be innovated on how we deal with organizational issues. I feel that obtaining a MA (Leadership) degree will give me the ability to do this.”
Program: MA (Leadership)
Area of Research:

Coaching in Policing

Emily Moeller Profile
Emily Moeller
“My advisor and I get along extremely well. We are both fairly laid back people. As a result he allows me the space I need to complete things in my own way, yet his door is always open when I need help.”
Larry Morgan Profile
Larry Morgan
“Guelph is a beautiful town with a great night life and everyone here is very friendly.”
Amy Muise Profile
Amy Muise
“The University of Guelph is also a welcoming environment that provides support and a sense of community.”
Program: Psychology PhD
Area of Research:

Sexuality and Relationships

Kate Murphy Profile
Kate Murphy
“The Guelph campus is the perfect size. It is small enough to make it easy to find your way around and quickly become familiar, but it is also large enough to always provide a new place to explore. There is a definite sense of community here, and it’s great to be a part of it. ”
Karthik Nadella Profile
Karthik Nadella
“The FARE department guarantees funding to incoming graduate students in the thesis based Master's program. As a result, I have been able to avoid student loans!”
Nathalie Newby Profile
Nathalie Newby
“It was important to me to choose an advisor that would be provide me with guidance and challenge, and also be a colleague and a friend. And I have found just that in my advisors, both during my Master and my PhD programs.”
Area of Research:

Pain Management in Dairy Cattle

Amanda Ninaber Profile
Amanda Ninaber
“After graduation I am planning to work with adolescent girls as they navigate through their teen years.”
Area of Research:

Nutrition Assessment

Faiza Omar Profile
Faiza Omar
“With my aim of building the capacity of rural communities to facilitate their growth and sustainability, I was looking for a more practical program with a comprehensive and humane approach to development. The University of Guelph has turned out to be a perfect match!”
Oriana Paesano Profile
Oriana Paesano
“After graduation, I hope to work at a community agency for a couple of years while I complete my remaining direct client and supervision hours to become a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT) one day leading to my own practice.”
Rita Patel Profile
Rita Patel
“I love that this campus is not complicated! Everything is so easy to find on a map or just by asking someone. I find that the students at Guelph are very friendly and helpful.”
Area of Research:

Health Marketing

Kayla Perkel Profile
Kayla Perkel
“Guelph is a great school, it’s diverse, it offers a wide range of great programs, and the professors here are world renown.”
Area of Research:

Reproductive Health and Biotechnology

Tatiana Petukhova Profile
Tatiana  Petukhova
“My department, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, offers assistantships to graduate students. Graduate students not only receive a great financial support, but also have an excellent opportunity to gain teaching experience. ”
Program: Mathematics and Statistics, PhD.
Bethany Philpott Profile
Bethany Philpott
“I was first attracted to Guelph for my undergraduate degree because of a campus tour. I was drawn to the sense of community and the friendliness of the students and staff with whom I interacted. ”
Program: History, MA
Warren Pinto Profile
Warren Pinto
“My program has helped me develop the balance of coursework, personal research, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships in a swift manner. This has helped me achieve a strong balance among my academic obligations. ”
Gyanendra Pokharel Profile
Gyanendra Pokharel
“After graduation, I plan to work in academia while focusing my research on infectious disease modeling, epidemiology, or biostatistics”
Allison Posner Profile
Allison Posner
“Following graduation I will continue my studies at the Faculty of Education at Trent University. I believe that my graduate experience has provided me with important knowledge and skills I can translate into a second language classroom setting.”
Program: French MA
Erin Preiss Profile
Erin Preiss
“The Guelph campus is not only beautiful, but provides students with many opportunities to get involved in a wide range of activities. It is a warm and friendly environment, and has a caring atmosphere. I like that students are able to choose an activity and level of involvement based on their interests. There certainly is something for everyone!”
Area of Research:

Equine Cardiology

Ashley Price Profile
Ashley Price
“What makes Guelph unique is definitely the initiative the students demonstrate for social change; they care about everything and make an effort to make a difference in every way possible! ”
Program: French
Jessica Ralston Profile
Jessica Ralston
“The city of Guelph is very unique in that you’re able to get the best from the city location (being so close to Toronto, Kitchener etc), but at the same time it has a very cozy down-to-earth feel. The transit system is also included as a student, which makes getting around Guelph swift and simple.”
Area of Research:

Biochemistry & Metabolism

Jessica Riley Profile
Jessica Riley
“I chose the University of Guelph due to the resources and opportunities available here that are ideally suited to my proposed field of study. While no Canadian university offers a doctoral program specifically in the field of Dramaturgy, the University of Guelph offers a variety of resources that are well suited to the study of new play development dramaturgy in Canada. In particular, the opportunity to work with faculty members like accomplished dramaturg and Canadian theatre scholar Ric Knowles, as well as access to the University’s L.W. Conolly Theatre Archives—the best in the country— will be essential to me in compiling my research.”
Area of Research:

Primary Area: New Play Development Dramaturgy/ Secondary Area: Early Modern Drama

Alex Robinson Profile
Alex Robinson
“I love Guelph for the downtown area especially the farmer’s market, the pubs, and all of the great outlets for outdoor activities. There’s a strong culture in Guelph that creates a strong community feel to the city.”
Adam Rocker Profile
Adam Rocker
“Guelph is a little city with a big heart. ”
Amal Roy Profile
Amal Roy
“My professor Dr. Claudia Wagner-Riddle is one of the best researchers and teachers in the field of Agro-meteorology. Her lab is well equipped with an excellent team doing worth-while research in earth-atmospheric sciences. Her teaching capability is excellent, and as a supervisor she is very caring, meticulous and cooperative with her grad-students. She is very cordial in making herself available whenever I need advice. I feel extremely fortunate and feel I made the right choice to pursue my grad studies under her supervision at the University of Guelph.”
Tamalika Saha Profile
Tamalika Saha
“The Guelph campus has all the facilities a graduate student needs. I like the campus most during the summer because it is quiet and I feel close to nature.”
Program: Food Science MSc
Area of Research:

Food Safety

Rene Sahba Shahmohamadloo Profile
Rene Sahba Shahmohamadloo
“The University of Guelph provides an environment where I can approach my life as a coherent whole. As a graduate student I have learned to avoid making false choices such as whether I should advance materially or contribute to the betterment of others, pursue work or become dedicated to bettering society. This is why I chose to continue my studies at the University of Guelph.”
Naheda Sahtout Profile
Naheda Sahtout
“I like the fact that you can go out to the Arboretum and walk during lunch. The flowers and the trees provide such a beautiful and serene outlook to the campus. I like how the buildings are not congested into one area but are separated by trees and pathways.”
Program: Molecular & Cellular Biology MSc
Area of Research:

My research is focused on an osmosensory transporter protein that is found in E. coli.

Constanza Salazar Profile
Constanza Salazar
“I chose to study at the University of Guelph because of the university’s known reputation and initiatives in research.”
Jonathan Samson Profile
Jonathan Samson
“I like that the City of Guelph is unique in culture and people. You are surrounded by intelligent, young, forward-thinking individuals and the city certainly reflects that.”
Katrin Sawatzky Profile
Katrin Sawatzky
“Being a graduate student at Guelph has provided me with the foundation that I need to further my skills and knowledge in the field of capacity development. I now feel confident to further my studies and work experience in this values-based practice.”
Lauren Scannell Profile
Lauren Scannell
“The City of Guelph is a great place to be a graduate student. It is big enough to find plenty of things to do and small enough to feel as though you are a part of a community. Guelph has a great food scene. Fresh, local and organic food available from the region’s farms, dairy’s and butchers is not difficult to find.”
Area of Research:

My research aims to understand the role of wild food production and consumption in enhancing food and nutritional security. It focuses on characterizing the respective roles of traditional wild foods, forests, agriculture and food systems in the process of development.

Heather Schibli Profile
Heather Schibli
“Professor Karen Landman is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and accessible. She always makes time to discuss industry-related matters and offers sound advice on academic pursuits.”
Lyndsay Schram Profile
Lyndsay Schram
“I chose to pursue my graduate career at the University of Guelph because of the great relationships I developed during my undergraduate studies, and the sense of community on campus.”
Mateen Shaikh Profile
Mateen Shaikh
“How comfortable you feel going to school here. People are friendly at school and in the city so you're just relaxed being here.”
Area of Research:


Ahmed Shaltout Profile
Ahmed Shaltout
“Being a graduate student at Guelph is a lovely experience. It is not only about studying or working on your research. You can always participate in number of on-campus activities. ”
Caitlin Simopoulos Profile
Caitlin Simopoulos
“I’m in the Master’s of Bioinformatics program and fortunate enough to have two academic advisors. Both of my advisors are always wiling to make time for advice and guidance. ”
Program: Bioinformatics
Kamala Srinivasan Profile
Kamala Srinivasan
“My advisor has been my mentor, guide and friend throughout. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his research areas, and his way of teaching makes complex technical concepts seem simple. We have worked together on solving two research problems and publishing conference papers on them. He has been patient, friendly and approachable right from the time of topic conception to thesis writing.”
Lucie Svecova Profile
Lucie Svecova
“When I first came to the Guelph I could not believe how beautiful city was. Guelph is a royal city with a long history, amazing places to explore and friendly people to meet.”
Area of Research:

Welfare and Integrity of rural communities

Saina Taidi Profile
Saina Taidi
“University of Guelph and more specifically Biodiversity institute of Ontario has the greatest DNA barcoding centre in the world. The barcode of life (iBOL) project is the world's largest biodiversity genomics project which Guelph University is leading it.”
Program: Integrative Biology
Area of Research:


Surangi Thilakarathna Profile
Surangi Thilakarathna
“When I came across the PhD program in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph, I felt it was among the best PhD programs in the country for this particular research area. I have met many Alumni from the University of Guelph, as a matter of fact, my previous MSc advisor, is an alumnus.”
Justine Tishinsky Profile
Justine Tishinsky
“My passion for research and positive graduate student experience led me to consider pursuing a PhD. At the University of Guelph, I can transfer into the PhD program after completing one year of my MSc. This allows me to continue exploring my area of research interest with an advisor whose support, encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in my academic progress.”
Adam Toth Profile
Adam Toth
“I was attracted to size of the campus and the quality of its science programs.”
Area of Research:


Adriana Urtubey Profile
Adriana Urtubey
“Guelph has made me who I am today. By completing both my Undergraduate and Graduate degrees at Guelph, I have acquired discipline, perseverance & motivation.”
Program: French MA
Area of Research:

Teaching French as a Second Language

Leon van Mulken Profile
Leon  van Mulken
“I chose to study at the University of Guelph because my undergrad degree is a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Guelph has a global reputation and is widely recognized as an institution with very talented faculty. Guelph is also very easy to reach from Mississauga.”
Azadeh Vatandoust Profile
Azadeh Vatandoust
“I intend to work in industry after I obtain my degree. I have had the opportunity to get to know a few companies related to my research and I think I would benefit by acquiring some practical experience before continuing my studies for a Ph.D.”
Program: Food Science MSc
Area of Research:

Cereal, Dietary Fibers

Anne Vermeyden Profile
Anne Vermeyden
“I was attracted to the Tri-University History Program, for its incorporation of faculty/resources from the University of Guelph, the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.”
Program: History, PhD.
Emily Vis Profile
Emily  Vis
“Being a graduate student at the University of Guelph has taught me both the necessary technical training, but also the transferable skills that will propel me into any job I pursue.”
Mythri Viswanathan Profile
Mythri Viswanathan
“Having lived in Guelph my entire life and still loving it is a testament to how great the city is! Guelph is more than just a city - it is an amazing community that is diverse and welcoming. In some cities being at an academic institution can be a bubble within a city but Guelph does a great job of integrating the university and its students into the greater community!”
Lauren Wallar Profile
Lauren Wallar
“Being a graduate student at Guelph is a lot like having a full-time job where you get to study and learn about something that really interests you. Although graduate school has its ups and downs, Guelph provides a really supportive community environment that helps to buffer against the more challenging times. ”
Paul Wartman Profile
Paul Wartman
“Guelph is a special place. The community is very inclusive, and allows you to join in, no matter your interests.”
Jessica Whitehead Profile
Jessica Whitehead
“I have a great academic relationship with my advisor. She is extremely knowledgeable, provides constructive feedback, and is highly organized. She has encouraged me to become more integrated into the academic community beyond the walls of the classroom and the university.”
Valerie Wong Profile
Valerie Wong
“Guelph is a very friendly city with a strong sense of community. Guelphites take pride in the place they call home and are always seen volunteering for the community in one way or another.”
Program: Pathobiology
Jessica Wood Profile
Jessica Wood
“I am incredibly fortunate to have two wonderful supervisors whom I deeply respect and who are incredibly supportive of my research interests, career goals and desire to balance graduate school with my family life. ”
Program: Psychology
Di Wu Profile
Di Wu
““I’m interested in medical research, and I chose the one-year Biomedical Science coursework plus major research project at the University of Guelph. The faculty, staff, and students have been very helpful, assisting me as I achieve my goals.””
Area of Research:

Ovarian Ultrasonography

Ian Young Profile
Ian Young
“I have had a unique experience in that I split my time between the University of Guelph and Public Health Agency of Canada. Both agencies provide support for my research, and this collaboration has provided me an insight into what is required to be a successful research both in academia and as a public servant.”
Area of Research:

Evaluating food-animal producers' knowledge and attitudes towards food safety and use of good production practices.

Robert Zacharias Profile
Robert Zacharias
“I choose to study at the University of Guelph because of the faculty strength in Canadian literature, its multiple Major Research Collaborative Initiatives, and to work out of TransCanada Institute.”
Program: English
Area of Research:

Contemporary Canadian literature

Hongjie Zhang Profile
Hongjie Zhang
“I am an international student and I think workshops offered by the library helps students familiarize themselves with university facilities, teaches you how to start your research, how to manage time and so on. All the activities are of benefit to the student.”
Area of Research:

Biochar effects on soil microbial activity, net nitrogen mineralization and nitrification in an agricultural soil.

Agata Zienowicz Profile
Agata Zienowicz
“The University of Guelph is large enough to accommodate a variety of opportunities for students (programs, classes, clubs, etc). Yet still small enough to provide a low student to faculty ratio. This makes it easy to interact directly with your professors and get individual attention whenever needed. ”
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