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Anticipated Cost of Living

The following is an itemized list of expenses for one graduate student, for one calendar year. Applicants should note that these costs are estimates and should be used only as a guideline. The costs incurred by a student may vary depending on many factors including, but not limited to, your lifestyle, whether you are supporting family members, and the program to which you are admitted. All costs are estimated in Canadian dollars and are subject to change at any time.

In order to determine your cost of living calculate the fees in either the Domestic or International tables below with a range in the cost of living chart.

Tuition & Compulsory Fees

Please note that tuition will vary widely with specialized programs (i.e. executive business programs, etc.). Please check the Student Financial Services website for complete tuition information.


Sub-total $9,042
Tuition Fees - Full-time $7,542
Compulsory Fees (dental & drug plan, athletic fees, bus pass, etc.) $1,500
Sub-total $5,560
Tuition Fees - Part-time $5,029
Compulsory Fees (dental & drug plan, athletic fees, bus pass, etc.) $531


Sub-total $20,767
Tuition Fees - Full-time $18,655
Compulsory Fees (dental & drug plan, athletic fees, bus pass, etc.) $1,500
Health Insurance (UHIP) (based on single coverage) $612

Native American Students from the United States

Students from the United States who self-identify as Aboriginal or Native American on their application will be eligible to pay domestic tuition fees rather than international fees. A tribal enrolment or registration card must be presented to qualify. Contact the International Student Advisor at 519-824-4120 extension 53954 for more information.

Cost of Living

Expense Min Max
Sub-total $12,500 $22,800
Room & Board $10,000 $14,000
Transportation $500 $3.000
Books & Supplies $800 $2,000
Miscellaneous (entertainment, sales taxes, eye glasses, minor repairs, etc.) $1,200 $3,800

Please note that these estimates do not include the purchase and up-keep of computer hardware or software nor travel for international students who play on returning home during their studies. Please budget appropriately.

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