Lauren Wallar

Lauren Wallar


Population Medicine

Why I Chose Guelph...

“The University of Guelph has a strong emphasis on the intersection between animal, human and environmental health. This holistic approach to health provides an enriched learning experience that is not available at other schools. ”

About My Advisor...

“I have an excellent relationship with my advisor which is an important contributor to my overall satisfaction with my PhD studies. My advisor provides support and encouragement and seeks to prepare me to be successful in my career after graduate school. Having a good relationship with my advisor has been key to enjoying my graduate experience so far. ”

About My Program...

“Being a graduate student at Guelph is a lot like having a full-time job where you get to study and learn about something that really interests you. Although graduate school has its ups and downs, Guelph provides a really supportive community environment that helps to buffer against the more challenging times. ”

My Future Plans...

“After graduation, I would like to pursue a career in public health educational development either within or outside academia.”

Other Thoughts...

“As a graduate student, you will find that Guelph provides a strong, caring community that seeks to develop you not only as a researcher but also as a learner, teacher, and social citizen. Developmental opportunities through the Graduate Student Learning Initiative and Open Education and Learning Support really enhance the graduate experience. I love being a graduate student at Guelph and would not want to be anywhere else!”

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